How do I become a member?

There are two steps to become a member of our chapter:

1) Give cash or a check for $10 made out to AAUP-FM to our chapter treasurer (Kathy McCoy). Alternately, you can contact Kathy for Venmo or PayPal instructions. She will provide you with a receipt.

2) Register with AAUP-National and pay national dues. Dues range from $68/year to $301/year and are based on annual income. We no longer have the option for paycheck deductions, so national dues should be paid directly to AAUP-National. If you already have an account with AAUP National, you can login through the AAUP Member Portal.

How do I renew my membership?

At the start of each year, you will be asked to pay the annual dues to our treasurer. Please also remember to renew your national membership through the AAUP Member Portal.

How are the chapter dues spent?

Our chapter dues cover the cost of maintaining the website and any meeting-related or miscellaneous chapter expenses that arise. We also sometimes partially fund our members’ travel to meetings at the state and national level. Our chapter is audited and files yearly tax returns.